Thursday, 8 November 2012

Modern Day Disney Princess outfits


Hey everyone! I haven’t posted in ages! Sorry about that. Well, I have had a good idea, to make a Modern-Disney princess outfit on Polyvore. I chose 4 of my fave Disney princesses and I made an outfit for all them (based on what they would wear in this, 21st century). So from the top I have put together casual and pretty clothes that (in my opinion) remind me of Ariel.
Next I have (all time favourite ) Jasmine. Her outfit is so cute and I would definitely wear this.
Next I have Aurora, Sleeping Beauty or Briar Rose (whatever you call her I prefer Aurora). Her outfit is so pretty and I think she would look gorgeous in it.
Then our favourite Indian princess… Pocahontas! I thought she would look nice with this casual outfit.
That’s all from me now! Seeya next post!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Butterflies and Summer

Butterflies are beautiful creatures with different colours and shapes. I love the way they fly through the air so gracefully and then stop for a split second to flap their wings (quite violently in fact) and start gliding again.
Holidays went very quickly for me (Poo!I was thoroughly enjoying the extra sleep-ins!).
But , all things come to an end... speaking of which, This is my last primary school term/year ever!! Wow. Looking forward to high-school you ask? You bet! 
I know I hardly ever post on this blog but that's because I just have no idea what to post about! Have any ideas?? 
Over the next couple of months you will see more posts due to Christmas coming soon and lots of wonderful things to post about! 
Below is my favourite butterfly. I am not sure if its real but...Oh well!

Have a sugary, spice of a day!


Sunday, 23 September 2012


Holidays! Finally. I have been waiting a long time for the joy of sleeping in and couch potato-ing all day. Its is spring in Australia and although the year has 4 seasons Australia really only has 2, Summer and Winter. So this gave me the idea to do a post about everything in Summer that I love so much.

First off, I love reading and recently my Mum came back from Hobart and brought me back a book which (only after just starting it today) I have gotten up to page 89 :) My book is called 'A Summer Secret'. and the author is Kathleen Fuller.

Fairy House
Another thing I like doing during the holidays is going to friends places for sleepovers or just the day vice versa as well. An idea for you to do in your spare time is to construct a fairy house. I did this at my Friend Tamara's house. All you will need is flowers, bark and any other thing you can find to add to this special little house. This is my version of a fairy house and as you can see I am just using garden things.

                                                  My Summer Playlist
Music is something I cannot live with out. Here is my top ten playlist that I listen to as much as I can.

1.       Ready or Not..Bridgit Mendler 
2.      Rescue Me (how the story ends)...Kerrie Roberts
3.      Gold...Guy Sebastian
4.      Battle Scars-feat Lupe Fiasco...Guy Sebastian
5.      Holiday...Vanessa Amorosi 
6.      Skinny Love...Birdy
7.     Try...P!nk
8.      We Run the night... Havana Brown
9.      Loud...Stan Walker
10.  I Cry...Flo rida     

Have a fabulously great day everyone! 


Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Beginning of Spring

Here it is, my first ever outfit post! Hope you like it. 
It is the beginning of spring and the weather is already warming up. Summer will be filled with trips to the pool and delicious cool ice-cream. As I promised, here is a photo of Wonderstruck. I know its not great quality but that's only because I had camera difficulties. So I had to use my iPod camera.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Things i love and things that keep me enertertained

THings i love and things that keep me enertertained

Hello Bloggers! I know I haven't posted in like a month but I just had no idea what to post about! I made this little collage on polyvore about the things I love and the things that I enjoy doing. Oh, and yes I did get Wonderstruck for my birthday but the pic of it will come in the next post with the first ever outfit post! Have a good rest of the day!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Pre birthday party!

On Sunday my 3 best friends came over for a picnic. We went to a huge park and had a cute little picnic there. I also got awesome presents from my friends which are in the pictures above. I got a neon smiley face from Tamara, an iPod case from Alice (as well as chocolate but if you know me well, I have eaten it:D), those nails were painted by my sister Maria, and I also got two stardoll gift cards from my friend Molly. And there are still more to come Tommorow! (Tuesday 14th of August for those in different time zones). I hope you are all well!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Happy birthday!

Hello! I know I haven't posted in a while, I guess I had a bit of writers block! So, next week is my birthday! I am so excited! my friends are coming over on Sunday for a picnic and Tuesday is the actual day!! The pic above from polyvore, is some of the things I just liked on polyvore that i put together.